Urban Nature

At Time For Wood, we are convinced that both nature and urban life can coexist. As humans we know that being close to nature will always create a feeling of peace and contentment.
Nature is everywhere. It could be that small and peaceful park around the corner of your street, or even those surprising plants climbing up the walls your neighbourhood.
But indeed… it sometimes has to be found, like a hidden treasure !

A unique identity

More than an incredible material, for us, wood is a statement. A statement that nature is inspiring, beautiful and timeless.
It is why we handcraft our products. We want to keep the respect of this noble materials throughout the making process while inspiration from nature is a key element to our designs.
Each wooden item has its own story and identity. That stands out as a reminder that we are also all unique in this world.

Enjoy Nature wherever you are

For us, wearing a wooden accessory is a way to bring a small piece of nature everywhere. In those streets paved in grey concrete, one can remember that nature is still there.
With Time For Wood, we can always remember to enjoy nature in all its possible forms.

Taking respectful actions by planting trees

While crafting wooden lifestyle accessories, it is obvious that we are not forgetting where they come from: trees.

This is the reason why we have formed a partnership with the nonprofit organisation Trees for the Future. For every product sold, a tree is planted where it is the most needed: like in Brazil, Cameroun or the Philippines. As of today, we have planted more than 12 000 trees thanks to you !

If you want to know more about our partnership: http://trees.org/sponsor/time-for-wood/