When can I expect my order to be delivered?

When you order before 16.00 (4PM), we sent out your order on the same day! The packages are being sent from the Netherlands and below you can find an overview of the average time of delivery per country/zone:

  • Netherlands: 1 working day
  • Belgium/Germany/France: 1-3 working days
  • Rest of Europe: 3-6 working days
  • Rest of the world: on average two weeks (heavily depends on the local customs)
How vulnerable is wood as a material?

We started making wooden products because we really love the looks and feel of the material. But since it is a natural material, it could be a little bit more vulnerable than other artificial materials. With normal usage, there should not be any problems of wearing and using your products, however you should stay careful with a natural material.

Are the products water resistant?

All products are splashproof and covered with a very thin protective layer. This means that a little water or some sweat would not hurt your product. However the products are not 100% water resistant so it is not recommended to bring them in direct contact with water.

How sustainable is the wood you use and the production process?


Our producer, that is our close partner for three years already, receives the raw material for our products from the Zheijang province in the East of China. In this region the wood is being harvest following the ‘conservation of population’ principle. This means that for every tree being harvested, a new one is planted.

In addition, most of our suppliers work a lot with bamboo, which is a very sustainable sort in itself. The bamboo species grows at a very fast pace (several centimeters per day) and can easily be grown in ‘bamboo farms’. This makes bamboo an excellent raw material without having to harm the population.

Furthermore, we also started a collaboration with Trees For The Future. This is a non-profit organisation that plants trees where they are most needed. We made the agreement that we make a donation worth of one tree for every product that we have sold. Thus by buying a Time For Wood product, you not only help for yourself, but you also give back to nature!

Below the production process of the sunglasses is explained:

Production ProcessEN


What are the options when I am not happy with my purchase?

Of course, we do not expect this to happen, but if this is the case you could

  1. Return the product and exchange it for another product
  2. Get a refund of the product within 14 days after purchase

The address for returns is:
Time For Wood
Max Euwelaan 61
3062 MA, Rotterdam
The Netherlands

As soon as we received the package, we will immediately sent out the replacement product or refund the amount of purchase.

What payment methods can be used?

We currently offer multiple methods of payments: PayPal, Creditcard (Visa/Mastercard), Banktransfer,  iDeal ( for NL), MisterCash (for BE), Sofort Banking (for DE).

With every payment method, the order is being sent as soon as the payment is in. With all electronic payment menthods, this is within seconds. For an international banktransfer, you receive an email with all bank information to proceed the payment. Pay attention, with this payment option it takes a minimum of 1 working day. All payment methods are offered for free!

What are the shipping costs of my order?

Within Europe, shipping is always free. For shipping outside of Europe we charge a small contribution. The amount charged depends on whether the shipment is a package or a mailbox package. Here you find the rates for (international) packages:

  • Europe: free
  • Worldwide, mailbox package (phone cases, cufflinks, bracelets and wallets): €7,50
  • Worldwide, regular package (Sunglasses, belts): €15,00
Can I follow my order during shipping?

Sunglasses and belts are being shipped as a regular package. For shipping we use our logistics company MyParcel (PostNL) for shipments within Europe (excluding France). When we process and pack the order, you automatically get all the tracking information emailed. With this information you can track the status of your order. Orders that are being shipped by mailbox delivery, do not get a track&trace code and cannot be followed.

The lenses provide UV-400 protection, what does that mean?

When a sunglasses has the qualification of UV-400 protection, this means that the Ultra Violet is blocked out to remain safely in the sun.

The classification means that more than 99.5% of the UV radiation (UV-A and UV-B) is being blocked.


How well protected is my phone with a Time For Wood case?

We are proud to say our wooden covers provide an excellent protection against scratches and small impacts. After a couple of years of experience we specially chose silicon sides, our phone cases have never been stronger than with the current design.

Please note that just like any ordinary phone cover, our wooden cover could not protect your phone from any bigger impact such as a fall.

With the wooden cover on my phone, can I still use all plugs and buttons?

By combining the wood with silicon we made a slim case with all functions still easy to use. So you can still charge your phone, plug in your headphones or use all your phone buttons.

By using wood on the cases, does that not make the cases heavier?

We only use very lightweight sorts of wood for the phone cases. That’s why the phone cases barely weigh anything which makes them very easy to use.

What materials are the bracelets made of?

All our Time For Wood bracelets are made of cork, a unique material that we source from the region of Porto (Portugal). Cork is a very lightweight, flexible and water resistant material. It also has an “elastic memory”, so it turns into its original shape when compressed.

We chose to use a very resistant and lightweight material for the loop of the bracelet, zinc. This elegant material gives your bracelet a unique and sophisticated look, while giving a great impact resistance.

What bracelet size should I choose?

We offer 3 different bracelet sizes:

  • Small (female model only): 16-18 cm [Ø 6cm]
  • Medium (all bracelets) : 18-20 cm [Ø 6.5 cm]
  • Large (male models only): 20-22 cm [Ø 7 cm]


What is the best way to care of my bracelet?

Even though our bracelets are waterproof, we recommend avoiding any contact with chemicals, oils, perfumes and other sprays. We also advise cleaning your bracelet from time to time with a dry and soft cloth. To remove stain marks (red wine, pen marks, …), simply wipe the area with a clean cloth and a little liquid soap and water, and let the product dry naturally.

How are the bracelets delivered?

Our bracelets are delivered in a rigid paper craft box, designed to offer the best protection to the cork product. The stylish and natural look of the box fit perfectly with the bracelets itself.

How do I determine what length to order?

Measure a belt you have now from the far end of the buckle to the hole you use most often (to the nearest cm/inch). This is the number you need (to the nearest cm/inch). This measurement may be larger than you think your waist is. Also, do not measure a belt that stretches.

If you don’t have a belt use a cloth tape measure. Put it through the belt loops on your pants and pull it,  Then note the measurement to the nearest cm/inch.

What materials are the belts made of?

The outside of all our belts is made of cork, a very lightweight, flexible and water resistant material. The inside is made out of genuine leather.

What is cork?

Cork is the outer bark of the cork tree, which is harvested by hand without harming or killing the tree. Once harvested, the bark regenerates, making it a renewable and sustainable resource.

How thick are the cork belts?

Our belt is approximately 5 mm, the thickness of a regular (leather) belt.

Is cork a good material for a belt?

Cork is very strong and environmentally friendly as a material. That makes it very appropriate to use in belts.

How to choose the right frame (based on your face shape)?

Seven different types of face shapes exist and each of them has different characteristics that you need to know in order to determine yours and choose the right frame.

  1. Oblong

Similar to the square face shape, an oblong visage is characterised by its length and straightness, with the cheekbones that are not wider than the jawline and forehead.

For this kind of shape, we advise you the following models: Yana, Runo, Caviuno, Marangu.

  1. Oval

Seen as ideal, an oval face is very well balance. It is neither too sharp or angular nor rounded or full. This type of face is characterised by the forehead that is lightly wider than the jaw and high cheekbones.

For this kind of shape, we advise you the following models: All models.

  1. Square

The second most common type of visages with the round one, a square face shape is characterised by a large, deep forehead, square chin and wide jaw.

For this kind of shape, we advise you the following models: Caleana, Zavilo, Yana & Runo.

  1. Round

The second most common type of visages with the square one, a round face is not angular at all. It is mainly characterised by a wide forehead, rounded chin and sometimes with full cheeks.

For this kind of shape, we advise you the following models: Murielo small, Caviuno small, Oryzo small.

  1. Triangle

Easy to identify, a triangle (or pear) visage is characterised by a large forehead and wide cheekbones that narrow to a small chin.

For this kind of shape, we advise you the following models: Caviuno, Murielo, Caleana & Zavilo.

  1. Diamond

This type of visages is not so common. A diamond face shape is characterized by a narrow jawline and forehead with high and dramatic broad cheekbones.

For this kind of shape, we advise you the following models: Caviuno, Murielo, Oryzo, Marangu.

  1. Heart

Also called the inverted triangle, this type of face shapes is the opposite of the triangle one: the forehead is wide with broad cheekbones that narrow to a small chin.

For this kind of shape, we advise you the following models: Yana, Runo, Oryzo, Marangu.

faces english

Do I need to protect the wood of the sunglasses?

The wooden sunglasses of Time For Wood are already protected thanks to a thin layer of varnish. You do not need to add any other protectvie product.

Can the sunglasses actually float?

All the sunglasses are made of wood, hence they can float. But w do advise you to keep them out of the water since it can damage the wood in the long term.

How can I clean my sunglasses

To keep your lenses clean, you can use the cleaning cloth with a lens-cleaning product or just a little splash of water. For the frame, it is not needed to clean them in any special way.